StlWork2 - 3D CNC code from solid models in STL format.

StlWork 2.0 is now released. StlWork2 includes Waterline Machining and user configurable cutting strategies and cutting zones.

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StlWork is a Low Cost 3D solid/surface tool path development system for CNC milling or routing. (Also known as Cam programming).   It can be used for engraving, mold making, and part development for rapid prototyping.  StlWork imports a solid model file that is produced by a 3D solid modeling program.  Thousands of these files are available for download from public archives on the internet.  Since there are many formats available, we include a license for Accutrans, a program that translates many popular formats like DXF, 3DS, and VRML into Stl. We provide a list of low cost 3D solid modelers, that can be used with StlWork.


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Low cost 3D Solid Modeler

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