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StlWork Features: 

  1. Generate tool paths from ascii or binary STL files utilizing V, Ball, Bull, and Flat cutter profiles.
  2. Rough and finish passes with parallel, perpendicular, or waterline orientation
  3. Fast tool path generator
  4. Dynamic zoom and pan of model and tool paths in 2D or 3D viewing modes
  5. Dynamic rotation of model and tool paths in 3D.
  6. Base plane adjustment for easy setting of Bas Relief depths.
  7. Scallop height calculations for Ball & Angle cutter profiles.
  8. Configurable plunge and feed along feed rates.
  9. Z level roughing and finishing to make multiple passes to depth.
  10. Max depth of cut calculation for V cutters.
  11. Stock and machining extents are fully adjustable.  They can be constrained within a section of the model or extend to a desired distance beyond in any direction. Cutting is limited to defined strategic boundaries.
  12. Display model, X raster, Y raster, or waterline tool paths, or any combination of the 3.
  13. Scale, rotate or translate, and flip model.
  14. Treat the model as a male or a female part.  Easy to make a mold, or to construct a machined work holder pocket for machining the backside of a model.
  15. Saves ISO/RS274-D, G-code to text file.  Includes tool changes, spindle speeds, and feeds with or without line numbers.  No editing required. Also Shopbot .sbp files
  16. Special Tangent Deviation generates long roughing cuts within a user settable accuracy.  Ripples from 3D scanners can be eliminated and are replaced with a single G01 command.
  17. Re-cutting of previously Z-roughed areas can be skipped.  Tool will pick up and rapid to next cut location.
  18. Specify a fixed margin in X & Y to leave clearance all around the part.
  19. Model is automatically centered in stock extents at opening.  A user configurable stock allowance in Z is automatically set. Design coordinates can also be used.
  20. User configurable post processor.
  21. Waterline Tool path cutting strategy
  22. Selectable Cutting areas in X-Y & Z
  23. Seclection of Waterline Cutting zone by angle of surface
  24. Model slicer for ro tary 4th axis programming (totem pole function)
  25. User configurable tool library
  26. Operation library can be recalled for multiple uses
  27. Open GL rendered view of model and toolpaths
  28. Slabber function to create multiple parts for an assembly that exceeds tool and or Z axis reach
  29. Combine as many X & Y raster and waterline roughing and finishing operations as needed for optimal machining process
  30. Waterline cut peaks complete before proceeding to next
  31. Clipping of raster in Z to geometry for all conditions
  32. Raster cut model or rectangular stock extents (no flats)

StlWork Software, Hardware, and OS requirements